Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Pink Elephant Challenge #1

My Mom, Lori and her friend Robin made a new blog.
The name of the blog is The Pink Elephant! My Mom drew a really really cute elephant and they named her Ella. And Robin made an awesome Header, Banners and Watermarks for the blog. My Mom is crazy about Robin's Designs. I know this because she has been talking about this all week!! She is so happy and I am happy for her and her friends.

My Mom also told me that I can play along with the challenges, but I can't win any of the prizes. I don't care if I can't win a prize because just getting to join their challenge is enough of a prize!!!

I am so happy to show you all my card. Mommy said I put way too much crystal effects on the elephant, but then after it dried she said she really liked it. I hope you all like my card.