Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First Post

Hi Everyone! My mom has a blog and I wanted one too! She said I can have one and use it like a Creative Writing Blog for my Homeschool classes. So some days I will post whatever I want to and some days she will give me my journal/writing topic.

I named my blog Hannah Bug because that is what my Papaw has called my since I was born. Here is a picture of me and him when he started calling me Hannah Bug!!
I love him so much!!
I am excited to have my own blog!!



LORI said...

Ohh!! Hannah I am so proud of you!! My baby is growing up!! Your almost another year older, your birthday is just around the corner!!

MaryJane said...

What a cute blog, Hannah Bug! Ethan really likes it too! I love you baby!

MaryJane said...

Hi Hanna(bug),I like your blog! I wish I had one,but at the same time,I might be too shy!I love Hannah,see you in a week at Thanksgiving!!-ETHAN K.

Sheila said...

Good job Hannah!! This IS fun isn't it? I will be checking your blog frequently so write lots, ok? I was afraid at first but you sound very confident. Love ya Baby Doll.

Ethan said...

Hi, hannah. I like your blog!!!!!!!