Monday, December 29, 2008

Color Throwdown Challenge 23

This is my FIRST Challenge ever!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited because my Mom let me do one of the challenges she does at
Color Throwdown

I did it all by myself, Mommy didn't help me at all!!
What do you think of my card?

~Hannah Bug~


MaryJane said...

Oh Hannah, it is SO pretty! Great job! You gotcha momma's talent! I LOVE the colors! Maybe you could help me decorate Emmie's room! Love you Buggie!

Ethan said...

WOOOWWW!I really like the colors! I love you. Wright back soon.

Tina said...

Beautiful. I am looking forward to following your blog. you are a very talented young lady. I have no doubt your blog will turn into one of the sunny parts of my day.

Kelli in Kentucky said...

Absolutely adorable Hannah!! You did a great job!!

Bekki B said...

Great Job Hannah!!! You have some real talent! Keep cultivating it!!@

LORI said...

Your card is super cute Hannah!! Love ya girl!!

Ann said...

Hi Hannah - I'm part of the team at The Pink Elephant and noticed you were one of our followers, which made me come and visit your blog. Your work is lovely - I love this card.

You don't seem to have done much creative writing recently though. I hope you haven't given up on that.