Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some things I am going to learn and do this school year!!

I am going to learn how to cross-stitch and make fun and awesome stuff this school year. Homeschooling is sooo awesome! It rocks to have your momma school you! I am sooo excited! I am also going to make a scrapbook of my whole school year. I will put in it, the things I make - like my cross-stitch art, pictures of my science projects, poems and just some pictures I take and maybe some of me. I am looking forward to all these fun activities! I will put pictures of them on my blog. For all of you to see the fun stuff I am making... can't wait!!!!


P.S oh I almost forgot alot of card makin too!

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Terri said...

Hi Hannah! I used to cross-stitch a lot & loved will, too...and I know you will be a pro in no time! I'm happy you're excited for school...and yes, it is so cool that your Mom gets to teach you at home! Can't wait to see ya Tuesday!! Mexican food, here we come! hehe